martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

I, the tourist

One day I will visit England, and I believe all the things Simon put on our task for doing in five days, I´m gonna do in one day, at most two. And then probably I´ll try to get to know the city, by bike, I like to know the places where I go, cause if some day I came back, I would like to introduce the places that I know to the people that I´m with. And because the city shows different things than a museum, or something for the tourist. I like being a real tourist, the tourist that wants to know a different reality to the common things.

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Futball Futball Futball!!!

Football I think is one of the best games of all. That is cause it has all the ingredients, you have a team game, with pasion and it is aggressive, but not violent. although sometimes when the players are too emotional, they turn violent.
The thing is you need to be in good shape, and be intelligent, cause if you dont play intelligently, it is very likely you will lose.
Football is like poker, you dont play with your own cards, you play with the mind of the enemy. But to do that you need to play very often, to get to know all the technicalites and create your own skills, and like jazz music let the magic flow.
But something that it is very important in Football, is “la maña” thats means you have to be aggressive, and show your opponent you are not a pussy. You have big balls and if you want to pass in front of me, probably you going to get hurt. And if you want to laugh at me, for sure the next time you are gonna be regreting the thing you did before.
In simple words you need to show character, and not weakness. Thats is the difference between a good player and a the player that moves the team.
I´m not always that guy, it is something you win implicitly in your team, showing that character, but not always playing in the same way. Thats depends on the people that i´m playing with.
This game when i was a child, I played every day and with all my friends of the neighborhood. My parents always gave me trainers or balls for my birthday. I really enjoy that game.

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Why not?

Well obviously this is a biased opinion, but if i have to say some one, that would Marcelo Salas. why? probably are you asking that,but this guy was the best artist in his discipline. it is very difficult being an artist in some non artistic discipline, i mean everybody can make a amazing painting or a song, but this guy, was an artist in another field, not in a place where you need to be one, but he did it.

Lets take a look at history, there are is a lot of guys that did things for Chile, like Andres bello, bernardo O´higgins or Alberto Hurtado. But all of them, did what they had to do, I´m not saying that this was irrelevant, they are important for today, but one thing they didn´t feel and they never could feel, if the passion of being a bullanguero! that is something you only can feel living in this life. And it is one, and Macerlo Salas even had a song, and not a bad song, an amazing song... Matador of Los fabulosos Cadilac a group of music in Argentina. How can you describe that? everyone knows him like El matador.

He is the guy that scored more goals in the history of Chile and scored two goals in England, when Chile played against England and everybody was expecting that England would win, but non of the English was expecting some guy from the south of Chile after a amazing pass of the mythical Coto Cierra, the Matador, Marcelo Salas stopt the ball in the air, almost killed her in a second, it was like the ball already knew what was going on, and in a perfect timing he shot with the other leg. The stadium stayed quiet, only a few insignificant chileans and the reporters that came to cover the news were cheering the goal. The world knew about the best chilean of the history.

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

The job

Well that is something that I´ve been looking for, for a long time. The thing is, for me, there isn´t one perfect job, cause i´m always get bored about what I´m doing, so i have to make myself learn a lot of skills, so I can choose whatever job I want. For this reason I´m studying geography, it is a very non specific carrer, so I dont have to been doing always the same.

Also I´m learning english, that is very helpfull for you if you want to get a job easily . But now recently (like a day ago) I started to learn French from internet, I know it is very difficult to learn from internet, but I believe that this isn´t going to hurt me. I believe if I speak three languages my life is going to be as free as i want it to be.

Probably to improve my english some day i´m going to travel to some english speaking country, but the idea that i have in my mind, is to go to France and study there, hopfully know people and practice my english and my french.

To do my plan, I have to be single and the most important thing dont have a kid, being careful about that, I think my life would be as i planned.

These days I have lousy jobs, where they dont pay too much and it is dead boring. That teaches me I have to make the difference betwen me and the others, in this way in the future, I can choose what ever i want.

lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010


Jesus… why? I think there the person that more change the humanity, I really don´t know what I have to think about him. Cause I don’t trust in the holy bible, cause was written for men, and I don’t know if they written the true, or some version of the true. The thing is, I prefer met with him, and know for myself if he was all the things the bible said he was.

Personally I think a lot of thing that the bible said are lie, I´m not saying jesus don’t exist or he wasn’t some spiritual good person, I´m saying may be he was a amazing person, very spiritual, and very intelligent that understood the world and made some philosophy for the people here on earth.

But like I said, I really don’t know what to think. The only think I know for sure, he was a very good person, may be the person more unselfish of the history, and he give us a way to live in harmony with the world. Unfortunately none of us follow this philosophy, cause if we were following the world would be perfect.

But now I´m thinking he probably was the son of god (or the lord), cause if you understand god like the people said “god is love” the world is because there is love, and jesus was pure love. And give his live for us, in an act of love. Now I believe I don’t need to know jesus, he was the son of god, and that is all I need to know.

The perfect Day

Perfect Day
I always think every day is important. Some days more than other days, but that non important days are really important cause if you don´t know who is it the lousy days you can´t enjoy the amazing days. So I think all it is a construction and you can´t understand the life only see one particular day. But I get it, if I have to choose a day, a particular day, that day must be, sharing with all the people who I appreciate. That list is not too long actually, if I have to said who many people is, I think they are eleven… every each of them very important in my life, and that why I consider for be the perfect day, they have to be there. That day probably never going to be, cause is there is some of that person too far from here. But because of that, if some day that happen, I mean share with this important persons, that day would be the best day ever.
Obviously four of this persons are my family, they are very important for me and I´m very happy for belong and be part of my family because thanks (or unfortunately) to them, I am who I´m.
Now I very happy in my life, every day is part of some big goal that I want to get. I trust to someday I going to get it, and probably that day, I going to start to have a lot of perfect days.

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

People or places


There are so many things to do in Santiago, but when you live there, the most of the time you are working or doing things that don´t have nothing of pleasure. For me, is that the way I see it, but that change when I have someone to share, and we go to the places how I thing are very attractive. One of those places is El cajon del Maipo, in this place you have everything, a river, boulders for climbing, snow, beautiful view and the most important not pollution neither the bad mood of the people of the city.
Other place is the FAU, it is my faculty, where are all my friends and the best party, you should know this place cause is a very friendly, but I have to say, you should go with someone that knows the places, in that way he can introduce you.
I really don´t like the city, When I have the opportunity and a good company I always leave it, and go to some natural place, like a lake or mountain. The funny thing is the in this city exist place like Estadio Nacional or bellavista, very popular place here, that I never go, cause I prefer being with my friends in a home or in las pirkas (very famous place of my faculty) where we can talk and laugh or whatever we want to do. I prefer the people before the place; cause with the people you can share and be happy, the relationship between two people is the meeting of two worlds… that impress me more the anything else, the different worlds in the world. There exist amazing worlds like I think my friends have and boring world that are of people that I never get to know well.